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Seminare GesamtĂŒbersicht
  Seminare Arbeitstechnik Aufbaustufe
  Nr. 2018060  
  Thema Interviewing Skills in English  
  Referenten James Culver  
  Termin von19. MĂ€rz 2018, 09:00 Uhr
bis20. MĂ€rz 2018, 16:30 Uhr

  Seminarort 36093 Fulda-KĂŒnzell
BĂ€der-Park-Hotel, Harbacher Weg 66
  Gebühr 1.060,00 € für Mitglieder des DIIR
1.135,00 € für Nichtmitglieder

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Interviewing Skills in English

The internal audit, compliance and fraud functions within large international organizations are increasingly working across borders. Reporting lines are no longer national and the working language is by default English. As a result, interviewing skills are critical and must be linguistically and culturally sensitive. The quality of the audit report depends on the quality of the audit interview.

This seminar will enable you to practice the art of interviewing in English whilst reinforcing the basic principles of interviewing. Not only must you be well prepared, understand the meaning of all forms of communication, and be able to identify the cues that indicate more investigation is required, but you must also be able to understand the underlying messages you are receiving and probe effectively using questioning, clarifying and listening techniques. This means you must combine effective, appropriate language in each situation with interviewing techniques you may already employ.
  • Day 1
    • Importance of an interviewer’s behaviour
    • Intercultural influences on the interview
    • Planning: the prerequisite for success
    • Building rapport
    • Questioning types and techniques
  • Day 2
    • The skill of listening
    • Summarizing, reformulating and redirecting
    • Evaluating verbal & non-verbal behaviour
    • Facilitating the interview process
    • Documentation techniques
    • Final real play
  Seminarziel - Understand the 10 golden rules to successful interviewing
- Reviewing and reinforcing interviewing techniques
- Build up a toolbox of useful interviewing language
- Understand the impact of cultural differences on the interview
  Teilnehmerkreis Internal Auditors and Fraud/Compliance Investigators who conduct interviews in a global environment  
  Lehrmethode - Trainer presentations
- Individual, group and plenary discussion
- Real plays and case studies
- Practice and feedback using video recording
  Voraussetzung Required English level: B2 on the CEF scale (Common European Framework) or higher; this corresponds to Mittlere Reife or Abitur.  
  Seminarort Bitte beachten Sie folgende Informationen:
  • Wir bitten Sie, Ihre Zimmerbuchung selbst vorzunehmen.
  • TeilnahmegebĂŒhr einschließlich Seminardokumentation (digital), PausengetrĂ€nken und Mittagessen (Seminaranteil nach §4 Nr. 22 UStG umsatzsteuerfrei, Verpflegungsanteil zzgl. gesetzlicher Umsatzsteuer).