COSO Internal Control Certificate Program 24th of August - 28th of August


COSO Internal Control Certificate Program

Designing and implementing an effective system of internal control can be challenging, and adapting to rapidly changing business models, new technologies, or globalization requires that system to be agile. An internal control system requires the use of judgment to monitor and assess its effectiveness, and it must provide insight on the application of controls.
The new Certificate, through a blend of self-paced learning and online training, offers you a unique opportunity to develop an expertise in designing, implementing, and conducting an internal control system. This 25.5-credit program takes you through the Framework from start to finish and, through the use of real-world scenarios, allows you to:

•    Understand the principles-based approach.
•    Identify and analyze risks.
•    Develop confidence in the internal control system.
•    Learn from experts and share your experiences with your peers.

Upon completion of the self-study course and the online training, you will be eligible to sit for the exam and earn your certificate.


•    Accounting & financial professionals who work in internal controls and would like to develop expertise on the latest framework.
•    CFO’s, Finance directors, Firm partners, Non-Financial, Non-Accounting - Directors, Managers, Staff and others with duties critical to the system of internal control in business or government.

Educational Goals

•    Provide an introduction to key concepts of the Framework
•    Allow you to think about the Framework in the context of your own entity  
•    Covered topics
       - Types of objectives
       - Components of internal control
       - Principles and points of focus
       - Roles and responsibilities
       - Limitations  of  internal control

Key Topics

•    Overview of the Frameworks
•    Control Enviorment
•    Risk Assessment
•    Information and Communication
•    Monitoring Activities

Course Information

Course Duration: 2.5 Days CPE Hours Available: 25.5
Knowledge Level: Intermediate Field(s) of Study: Auditing
Prerequisite(s): None
Advance Preparation: Participants will complete an interactive self-study element as part of this course, which will be completed online prior to attending the facilitated session (online).

Additional Information

Note: Two pre-work self-study courses are required to be completed prior to the start of the online training. Access to the pre-work is provided 7–10 business days before the start of the online training.


• 1.800 € for members (2.100 € for non members)
• 15 € Prüfungsgebühr


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