Seminare Soft Skills Grundstufe
  Nr. 2019061  
  Thema Culture and the effective international audit  
  Referenten Jane Davies  
  Termin von25. März 2019, 09:00 Uhr
bis26. März 2019, 16:30 Uhr

  Seminarort 60486 Frankfurt am Main
DIIR - Deutsches Institut fĂĽr, Theodor-Heuss-Allee 108
  Gebühr 1.060,00 € für Mitglieder des DIIR
1.135,00 € für Nichtmitglieder

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Culture and the Effective International Audit

Culture and the Effective International Audit Is conducting an international audit in English just like any other audit or will culture play a role in what you do and how you do it? Culture can have an impact on every-thing from your initial contact to your closing report. Your goals may be the same as when auditing in your home culture but the way you achieve them will be more effective when you add a cultural component to your tool kit. Based on trusted Cultural research and participant experience, this seminar applies research to exercises connected to your internal audit process. We will help you to recognize the role of culture in the international audit, respect the cultures involved through your actions, realize benefits from applying cultural learning and root the use of cultural perspectives in your problem solving activities. Your own cultural profile plus 12 months access to Online cultural resources will help you to use culture to prepare for future international audits. With the additional tools learned in this seminar, you will approach international audits with enhanced confidence and deliver improved results.
  • Day 1
    • Understanding what is meant by “culture”
    • Recognizing the explicit and implicit impact of culture on audit communication
    • Appreciating the impact of culture on internal auditors
    • Exploring Cultural Dimensions – a practical model for professionals
    • Building awareness of your own culture and others
  • Day 2
    • Applying cultural knowledge to your work
    • making contact and establishing rapport
    • interviews, discussions and meetings
    • presenting and writing reports
    • Building individual action plans for further learning
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