Buchsuche Detailansicht  
  SchlĂŒssel it148 
  Verfasser Urbancic, Frank R. (Verf.) 
  Titel Fraud-Related Websites for Internal Auditors 
  Verlag Warren, Gorham & Lamont RIA 
  Erscheinungsort New York 
  Erscheinungsjahr 2002 
  Fundort Internal Auditing
  Schlagworte ACL, www.acl.com,
Articles on internal auditing and fraud investigation,
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE),www.cfe,
Coalition for the prevention of economic crime(CPEC),
Committee of sponsoring organizations of the treadway c,
Fraud detectives, www.frauddetectives.com,
Fraud-Related Websites,
FraudInfo, www.fraudinfo.com,
FraudNet, www.auditnet.org/fraudnet.htm,
Internal Auditors responsibility for fighting fraud,
ITAudit, www.itaudit.org,
The Insitute of Internal Auditors (IIA), www.thiia.org,