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  SchlĂŒssel iu1013 
  Verfasser Pacini, Carl and Brody, Richard (Verf.) 
  Titel A Proactive Approacht Combating Fraud 
  Untertitel Seven preemptive measures can help internal auditors deliver a first-round knockaut to fraudulent activity. 
  Verlag The Institute of Internal Auditors 
  Erscheinungsort Altamonte Springs FL 
  Erscheinungsjahr 2005 
  Fundort Internal Auditor
  Schlagworte Conduct an economic espionage threat analysis,
Create and maintain a fraud policy,
Improve information system security,
Increase internal control evaluation and testing,
Increase the use of analytical review,
Internal audit professionals should play,
Perform contract reviews,
Perform employee background checks