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  SchlĂŒssel iu1216 
  Verfasser Schanfield, Arnold u. Heming, Dan (Verf.) 
  Titel 12 Top ERM Implementation Challenges 
  Untertitel Internal auditors can guide management and the board through the issues related to establishing enterprise risk management 
  Verlag The Institute of Internal Auditors 
  Erscheinungsort Altamonte Springs FL 
  Erscheinungsjahr 2008 
  Fundort Internal Auditor
  Schlagworte 12 top ERM implementation challenges,
Articulating ERM benefits/impacts,
Assessing risk,
Creating a risk-aware culture,
Defining risk terminology,
Deploying technology effectively,
Evaluating risk,
Identifying risk,
Integrating strategy and human resources into ERM succe,
Leveraging the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley,
Monitoring risk,
Selecting a framework,
Treating risk