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  SchlĂŒssel iu657 
  Verfasser Jennings, Marianne M. (Verf.) 
  Titel The Critical Role Of Ethics 
  Untertitel Recent history has shown that when individual ethics are compromised, corporate ethics fail and financial disaster is not far behind 
  Verlag The Institute of Internal Auditorsf 
  Erscheinungsort Altamonte Springs FL 
  Erscheinungsjahr 2003 
  Fundort Internal Auditor
  Schlagworte Business community,
Commitment to prevention,
Common traits of ethics collapse,
Critical role of ethics,
Systemic failures,
Where do they learn this stuff?,
Where was the board?,
Where was the business press?,
Where were the analysis?,
Where were the bright lines and absolutes?,
Where were the external auditors?,
Where were the investors minds?