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  SchlĂŒssel ir508 
  Verfasser The Instiute of Internal Auditors (IIA) 
  Titel Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404: 
  Untertitel A Guide for Management by Internal Controls Practitioners  
  Verlag The Institute of Internal Auditors 
  Erscheinungsort Altamonte Springs FL 
  Erscheinungsjahr 2006 
  Schlagworte Closing thoughts on efficiency,
Controls performend by third party organizations,
Defining the detailed scope for section 404,
Fraud risk assessement,
Identifying IT controls,
IT general controls,
Key controls,
Process and control documentation,
Revisting the Principles of internal control,
Risk assessement,
Scope of managements assessment of the system,
Section 404: Rules or principles,
Spreadsheets and other end user computing issues,
Testing automated controls,
Testing key controls,
Who is responsible for internal controls?