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  SchlĂŒssel IR573 
  Verfasser ECIIA 
  Titel Global Management Challenges for Internal Auditors 
  Untertitel ECIIA Yearbook of Internal Audit 2010/11  
  Verlag Erich Schmidt Verlag 
  Erscheinungsort Berlin 
  Erscheinungsjahr 2010 
  Schlagworte Audit Marketing,
Company Culture is Worth th Cost,
Continous Auditing: Myth and Reality,
Contribution by Internal Audit to IT Compliance,
Doing More with Less,
Efficient Risk Management in Leasing Companies,
Governance Works, in Principle,
Internal Auditor - Generalist or Specialist,
International Audit Standards,
International Professional Practice Framework,
Performance Measurement and Controlling of Internal Aud,
The Financial Sector: Risks, Controls and Assurance