Buchsuche Detailansicht  
  SchlĂŒssel ir478 
  Verfasser Sawyer, Lawrence B. 
  Titel Sawyer's Words of Wisdom 
  Untertitel A Collection of Articles  
  Verlag The IIA Research Foundation 
  Erscheinungsort Altamonte Springs FL 
  Erscheinungsjahr 2004 
  Schlagworte A mini-history of the standards,
An internal audit philosophy,
Auditing anything under the sun,
Consultant to management: the internal auditors emergin,
Creative side of internal auditing,
Essence of management-oriented internal auditing,
Human side of internal auditing,
Improving the bottom line,
In my opinion: performance evaluators?,
Internal auditing: practice and professionalism,
Internal auditing: yesterday, today, and tomorrow,
Janus or the internal auditors dilemma,
Leadership side of internal auditing,
Management fraud: the insidious specter,
Political side of internal auditing,
Reflections on a half century of internal auditor,
Sworn depositions: traps for the unwary,
The genesis of the CIA Examination,
Tomorrows internal auditor,
When the problem is management,
Why internal auditing?