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  SchlĂŒssel ir132 
  Verfasser Epstein, Grifel, Morgan 
  Titel Auditor Roles in Governement Performance Measurement: 
  Untertitel A Guide to Exemplary Practices at the Local, State, and provincial Levels 
  Verlag The Institute of Internal Auditors 
  Erscheinungsort Altamonte Springs FL 
  Erscheinungsjahr 2004 
  Schlagworte Advocating for performance management systems,
Assessing the quality of performance,
Audit office profiles, research methods and referneces,
Auditing or assessing performance,
Developing performance measures,
Examples of practices,
External reporting, capacity building,
Framework of auditor roles,
Information or performance reports,
Measuring performance outside the tradional audit proce,
Observations on the state of the practice,
Performance management systems,
Planning, designing, improving,
Potential future practice,
Practices with respect to performance measurement,
Profiles of audit organizations in this guide,
Research methodology,
Roles, practices, and observations