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  SchlĂŒssel r162 
  Verfasser International Accounting Standards Board 
  Titel International Financial Reporting Standards 2003 
  Untertitel incorporating International Accounting Standards and Interpretations The full text of all International Financial Reporting Standards 
  Verlag IASCF Publications Department 
  Erscheinungsort London 
  Erscheinungsjahr 2003 
  Schlagworte Accounting and reporting by retirement benfit plans,
Accounting for government grants and disclosure of gove,
Accounting for investments in associates,
Borrowing costs,
Business combinations,
Cash Flow Statements,
Construction contracts,
Disclosures in the financial statements of banks and si,
Discontinuing operations,
Earnings per share,
Effects of changes in foreign exchange rates,
Employee benefits,
Events after the balance sheet date,
Financial instruments: disclosure and presentation,
Financial reporting in hyperinflatoinary economies,
Fundamental errors and changes in accounting policies,
Impairment of assets,
Income taxes,
Information reflecting the effects of changing prices,
Interim financial reporting,
International Financial Reporting Standards,
Interpretations of international financial reporting st,
Net profit or loss for the period,
Presentation of Financial Statements,
Property, plant and equipment,
Provisions, contingent liabilities and contingent asset,
Recognition and measurement,
Related party disclosures,
Segment reporting