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Seminare GesamtĂĽbersicht
  Seminare Allgemein Aufbaustufe
  Nr. 2018184  
  Thema Report Writing in English  
  Referenten Jane Davies  
  Termin von04. September 2018, 09:00 Uhr
bis06. September 2018, 16:00 Uhr

  Seminarort 36093 Fulda-KĂĽnzell
Bäder-Park-Hotel, Harbacher Weg 66
  Gebühr 1.470,00 € für Mitglieder des DIIR
1.575,00 € für Nichtmitglieder

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Report Writing in English

The audit interviews have been concluded, the facts and figures are collated and your notes are written up. And now all you have to do is draft the audit report – in English! Where do I start? What about grammar? Do I have the right words? These and other questions are the basis of the workshop. English language tips, useful phrases and formulations and advice on report and sentence structure are the key elements of this programme. The option of E-mail-Coaching will support long term improvement in your English written communication.
  • Before the Workshop - Analysis
    • A cross section of participants´ reports will be analysed in order to identify the main areas of weakness
  • 3-Day Report Writing Workshop
    • the principles of effective written communication
    • guidelines and examples for effective report writing
    • immediate practice on main language weaknesses

  • After the Workshop - E-mail Coaching
    • Over the next three months participants submit examples of their written work. Each report/letter would be returned corrected with comments and exercises within 10 working days. Each participant has a budget of 3 hours.
  • Timing
  Teilnehmerkreis Internal auditors and/or Compliance officers working inside international organisations who audit foreign divisions and subsidiaries and write audit reports for international distribution.  
  Seminarort Bitte beachten Sie folgende Informationen:
  • Wir bitten Sie, Ihre Zimmerbuchung selbst vorzunehmen.
  • TeilnahmegebĂĽhr einschlieĂźlich Seminardokumentation (digital), Pausengetränken und Mittagessen (Seminaranteil nach §4 Nr. 22 UStG umsatzsteuerfrei, Verpflegungsanteil zzgl. gesetzlicher Umsatzsteuer).