Fachbuch "ir395"

Schlüssel ir395
Verfasser / Herausgeber Cangemi, Michael P. und Singleton, Tommie
Titel Managing the Audit Function
Untertitel A Corporate Audit Department Procedures Guide
Verlag John Wiley & Sons. Inc.
Erscheinungsort Hoboken, NJ
Erscheinungsjahr 2003
Katalog Prüfungsausricht. & -methoden
Schlagwörter Annual staff meeting/conference, Audit department policies, Audit objectives, Audit performance, Audit Planning, Audit reporting, Auditing government agencies, Auditing standards and responsibilities, Company organization, Continuous improvement systems for internal auditors, Control strategies, Corporate audit charter, Corporate audit performance process matrix, Corporate audit planning, scheduling, and staffing, Corporate audit report process, Corporate Governance, Department organization, Effective internal control models, Ethics, Expense reporting, Fundamental assumptions in establishing an internal con, History of auditing, Internal Control System, Internal Controls, Long-Term effectiveness, Malicious activities, Management and administration, Marketing the audit function, Materiality, New staff orientation, Periodic performance evaluation review, Personal development, Personnel files, Personnel, administration, and rechruiting, Policies, Professional auditing standards, Professional Development, Professional organizations related to internal auditing, Quality Assurance, Regulations, Report to audit committee, Report to management, Responsibilities of a corporate auditors, Risk Assessment, Specific controls/CAATTs, Technical procedures, Time reporting, Types of audits, Workpapers