Fachbuch "ir491"

Schlüssel ir491
Verfasser / Herausgeber O'Reilly, Hirsch, Defliese und Jaenicke
Titel Montgomery's Auditing
Verlag John Wiley & Sons
Erscheinungsort New York
Erscheinungsjahr 1990
Katalog Organisation d.Internen Revis.
Schlagwörter Assessing inherent and control risk, Attestation engagements, Audit process, Audit risk, materiality and engagement strategy, Auditing banks, Auditing colleges, universities, and independent school, Auditing construction companies, Auditing debt and equity, Auditing emerging businesses, Auditing health care institutions, Auditing high technology companies, Auditing in an EDP environment, Auditing income taxes, Auditing insurance companies, Auditing investment companies, Auditing investments, Auditing mining companies, Auditing oil and gas producing activities, Auditing pension plans, Auditing prepaid expenses, accrued liabilities, and ris, Auditing property, plant, and equipment, Auditing public utilities, Auditing securities and commodities broker-dealers, Auditing standards and professional conduct, Auditing state and local governmental entities, Auditors report, Completing the audit, Compliance auditing, Controlling detection risk: substantive tests, Internal control structure, Organization and structure of the auditing profession, Overview of auditing, Professional responsibility and legal liability, Special reporting situations