Fachbuch "ir492"

Schlüssel ir492
Verfasser / Herausgeber Willson, James D. und Root, Steven J.
Titel Internal Auditing Manual
Verlag Warren, Gorham & Lamont, Inc.
Erscheinungsort Boston
Erscheinungsjahr 1984
Katalog Prüfungsziele &-auftrag
Schlagwörter A management perspective, Accounts payable processing and accounting, Audit function - an initial perspective, Audit management, Audit procedures, Audit Sampling, Auditing financial areas, Auditing internal control, Auditing Standards, Billing, accounts receivable, and collections, Communicate results - the audit report, Communicating with the audit committee, Cost accounting systmes, Credit and collection management, Developing a strategic audit approach, EDP audit techniques, Electronic data processing and internal control, Evidential matter, Facilities management, Financial analysis for acquisitions and mergers, Financial Management, Fraud and the internal auditor, How to estabish and maintain an EDP audit function, Information system management, Internal Control, International operations, Inventory management, Managing audit projects, Managing human and other resources and records, Marketing management, Operational Auditing, Organizing and planning the audit function, Payroll accounting, Perform preliminary work, Program management: Auditing in the government sector, Research and development management, engineering manag., Retirement plan management, Specialized audit areas, Technical aspects of auditing, Techniques for effective overall strategy, Techniques for the audit practitioner, Work effectively in the field