Als Mitarbeiter der Internen Revision sind Sie täglich mit schnellen organisatorischen und digitalen Veränderungen konfrontiert. Wie können Sie sich am besten über die neuesten Informationen und Trends in Ihrem Bereich auf dem Laufenden halten?

Seit mehr als vier Jahrzehnten orchestriert die Internal Audit Foundation die Entwicklung des Berufsstandes - sie erforscht aktuelle Themen und zukünftige Trends und stellt die Forschungs- und Ausbildungsinstrumente bereit, die Ihnen helfen, wettbewerbsfähig und kompetent zu bleiben. Die Stiftung hilft Praktikern, ein kontinuierliches Wachstum in ihrer Karriere zu erfahren und sie zu respektierten und vertrauenswürdigen Beratern und Vordenkern in der Branche zu machen.

Auf dieser Seite informieren wir Sie regelmäßig über aktuelle Meldungen der Internal Audit Foundation.


Internal Audit: Vision 2035

Exciting News! The Internal Audit Foundation is thrilled to introduce "Internal Audit: Vision 2035: Creating Our Future Together." This groundbreaking initiative is set to shape the future of the internal audit profession, and your insights can play a crucial role! If you're ready to express your interest in participating in this transformative research project, simply fill out the form. Your voice matters, and we're eager to hear it!

Data Analytics Research Report in partnership with Grant Thornton

Attention Internal Audit leaders! Unlock the power of Data Analytics for organizational success. Get exclusive insights from 200 Chief Audit Executives. Download now for free!

(September 2023)


Michael J Barrett Award Winners

The Internal Audit Foundation has awarded Michael J. Barrett Doctoral Dissertation Grants to two Ph.D. students: Xiaobing (Emily) Li and Lisa Haylon. The awards are part of the Foundation’s commitment to enabling the internal audit profession of the future. The Michael J. Barrett Dissertation Grant is an incentive for future professors who will continue research and education in the internal audit profession.

Find out more about the recipients.

(Mai 2023)


Risk in Focus is going global! The survey is available now.

This survey seeks to identify the top 5 risks that organizations must manage in the year ahead. Modeled after the success of Risk in Focus in Europe, The Internal Audit Foundation is proud to offer it worldwide with our regional and affiliate partners. The questions will only take five minutes to answer and are designed for CAEs.

Take the survey now.

(März 2023)


Global Student Conference

The IIA’s annual student event is back in 2023! Supported by the Internal Audit Foundation’s Academic Fund, the Global Student Conference will be held April 16-18, 2023, in Orlando, FL. Contributions to the Academic Fund allow the Foundation to continue its support of this event and other opportunities to develop the future of the profession.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 101: Internal Audit’s Role in Recruiting, Retaining, and Developing Diverse Talent

The second in a series of whitepapers in partnership with Deloitte, this report discusses recruitment, retention, and employee development for diverse talent. With 20 tangible examples and opportunities, there are suggestions to fit organizations of any size and scope.

Download your free copy.

(Januar 2023)


Support the Next Generation of Internal Auditors!

The Internal Audit Foundation provides funding for academic programs, grants, and scholarships that encourage students to pursue careers in internal auditing and support educators teaching an internal audit curriculum. Without the generosity of people like you, this critical work in support of the profession would not be possible.

Contribute to the Foundation’s Academic Fund!

(Oktober 2022)


Internal Audit: A Global View Now Available

The Internal Audit Foundation has issued a new Premier Global Research report: Internal Audit: A Global View. This groundbreaking research offers a world view of the internal audit profession, including its practices, focus, and demographics. Use the 12 action items to advance your internal audit team and elevate your influence. Spanish and French translations coming soon!


An invitation to invest in the future of your profession

Your contribution to the Academic Fund ensures students and educators have access to the resources they need to promote and study internal auditing through grants, scholarships and more. Help ensure a strong pipeline for the future of our great profession.

Help support the next generation of internal auditors!

(August 2022)


The Internal Audit Foundation is excited to share the newly released 2021 Year in Review, highlighting research, publications, and activities that support internal audit professionals and the next generation of practitioners.

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(Mai 2022)


The Internal Audit Foundation, with support of its partners, has new releases on Fraud Risk Management, Supply Chain Risk, Privacy and Data Protection and ESG. Thanks to its generous donors, the Foundation is empowering practitioners, students and educators.

Download and share the complimentary reports.

(März 2022)


New Reports: The Remote Auditor and Business Resilience

The Internal Audit Foundation released two new reports: The Remote Auditor: Challenges, Opportunities, and New Ways of Working and It’s Time for Internal Audit to Focus on Resilience Amid Extreme Change. Learn how to empower a hybrid workforce and what the difference is between business continuity and business resilience.

Get the reports

(Februar 2022)


Assessing Internal Audit Competency: Minding the Gaps to Maximize Insights

This groundbreaking, global report summarizes the state of internal audit competency as compared to The IIA’s Internal Audit Competency Framework©. It also identifies gaps in competency and relevance to the position, as well as perception of ability to audit key digital technologies. It’s a must-read to mind gaps and max insights.

Download your free copy today!

(November 2021)



This new Internal Audit Foundation report, in partnership with Refinitiv, shares how GRC software can support risk management and internal audit and explores practical applications of GRC from a value perspective across The IIA’s Three Lines Model.

Download this complimentary report!

(Oktober 2021)


Join us in congratulating this year’s Internal Auditor magazine Emerging Leaders. These 2021 honorees exemplify creativity, agility, talent, and a commitment to innovative audit practice.

You can honor and recognize this year’s Emerging Leaders by making a donation to the Internal Audit Foundation in support of cutting-edge research, publications, and academic advancement initiatives to prepare and guide the next generation of practitioners.

(Oktober 2021)


IAF Study: Privacy and data-related risks

The Internal Audit Foundation wants to better understand how organizations are addressing privacy and data-related risks. Therefore a study has been conducted in September 2021, together with Crowe, that wanted to gain insight via a brief survey that will enable development of the second report in a series on privacy and data protection.
Privacy and Data Protection Part 1: Internal Audit’s Role in Establishing a Resilient Framework is available as a complimentary download.

(September 2021)


IAF Premier Global Study: Make Sure You are Represented

You are invited to take part in the Internal Audit Foundation’s Premier Global Study, Accessing Internal Audit Practices. You can help ensure that the IIA’s International Professional Practice Framework (IPPF), remains reliable and relevant. The survey will be available until August 31.

My feedback is important and I want to participate!

(August 2021)


Foundation in Focus: Your Contribution at Work!

The latest Internal Audit Foundation newsletter includes a listing of recently-released research and educational publications. It also includes highlights of the Academic Fund and how to get involved as an Ambassador or Knowledge Contributor.

Yes, I want to learn about the latest resources!

(Juni 2021)


You Still Have Time to Honor an Internal Auditor!

What better time than May's International Internal Audit Awareness Month to pay tribute to a fellow professional! The Internal Audit Foundation is offering you an opportunity to do just that.

Honor mentors, colleagues, educators, or others who have inspired by making a donation to the Foundation and supporting the profession they're passionate about. An online tribute page makes it easy to contribute and write words of appreciation to your honoree. (Mai 2021)

Yes, I want to honor an outstanding professional!

How would you rate your organization’s supply chain risk management practices?

The events in 2020 forced a change in many organizations’ supply chain management practices, and the efficiency and effectiveness of these practices were called into question. In collaboration with Grant Thornton, the Internal Audit Foundation is exploring this topic. Your insight will be used to identify opportunities to create alignment across the three lines, enabling increased efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. (Mai 2021)

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Join Richard Chambers in Honoring Internal Auditors

In honor of practitioners worldwide, former IIA President and CEO Richard Chambers is donating the royalties from his books to the Internal Audit Foundation. You, too, can acknowledge fellow practitioners or honor Richard’s exemplary service during International Internal Audit Awareness Month. (Mai 2021)

I want to recognize Richard or an outstanding practitioner!


Free Report on the Use of Internal Audit Technology

How has technology helped internal audit functions adapt to rapidly changing conditions in 2020? What is the most effective type of technology for helping internal audit functions succeed? Find the answers in the latest collaborative report between the Internal Audit Foundation and AuditBoard. Download your copy today! (April 2021)

Looking to Earn Your CRMA Designation?

The CRMA® Exam Study Guide and Practice Questions, 2nd Edition, compiles the comprehensive review material you need to prepare for the Certification in Risk Management Assurance® (CRMA®) exam. Designed for a global audience, you will find the exam syllabus, key terms, and 200 sample CRMA exam practice questions. Order yours today! (April 2021)


Are you a Writer or Researcher? Or both? Please consider partnering with the Foundation on developing educational publications or research reports. (Februar 2021)

New Bookstore Releases: The Bookstore, powered by the Internal Audit Foundation, has two brand-new releases: Powering Audit Committee Outcomes sponsored by Galvanize and the CRMA Exam Study Guide and Practice Questions co-sponsored by the IIA ̶ Chicago and IIA ̶ Philadelphia Chapters. (Februar 2021)

New Research! The Power of Automation in Transforming Internal Audit: Beyond Theory – Scaling Automation Capabilities in Internal Auditing is the third and final installment of a series of reports produced in partnership between Deloitte and the Internal Audit Foundation. It shows how the power of automation can be used to transform the control testing landscape through digital enablement and the creation of an internal audit analytics and automation operational model. I want my complimentary report! (Februar 2021)


RFP Deadline Approaching: The Internal Audit Foundation seeks researchers and authors for two new RFPs: diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI), and managing remote audit functions. The deadline to apply is January 29, 2021. (Januar 2021)

The 2020 Year in Review Report is Now Available: 2020 was a historic year to be an internal auditor! Be sure to check out the Internal Audit Foundation 2020 Year in Review, highlighting research, publications, and activities that support internal audit professionals and the next generation of practitioners. (Januar 2021)


New RFPs: The Internal Audit Foundation is seeking researchers and authors for two new RFPs: diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI), and managing remote audit functions. Learn more. (Dezember 2020)

Year-End Giving Opportunities: It is not too late to give a year-end donation to the Internal Audit Foundation! Your donation will support the continued development of top-notch resources that empower and prepare internal auditors to face challenges and seize new opportunities in the year ahead. Make a Signature Move and Donate Today. (Dezember 2020)


The pandemic awakened an appetite for change: COVID-19 zwingt den Berufsstand der Internen Revision zu einer beschleunigten Automatisierung, weil betriebliche Strategien transformiert werden, die Unternehmen vorwärts treiben. In Zusammenarbeit mit PwC hält die Internal Audit Foundation eine kostenlose Studie für Sie bereit, die einen Weg für Wachstum und Transformation der Internen Revision aufzeigt. (November 2020)

Spenden: Die Internal Audit Foundation ist weiterhin aktiv! Sie bietet wichtige Publikationen für Ihre Weiterbildung, Forschung und akademische Stipendien an. Bitte denken Sie mit Ihrer Jahresendspende an die Internal Audit Foundation. Mit Ihrem finanziellen Beitrag kann sie weiterhin die Ressourcen anbieten, die Sie und Ihre Kollegen benötigen. (November 2020)